Flickr Alternative

The astrophotos listed below can also be found on my flicker site (mcintyre_sj). I usually post my images to Flickr before they appear here as that’s were most of my astro community go to look for new images. Also, the descriptions and image details for the older images are only available on Flickr.

If you wish to comment on an image, you can only do that on Flickr (if you have an account) as i don’t allow people to post on this this web site.

Astro photos on this site

Latest Astro PhotosA collection of the latest astro images from all categories. Photos are usually within the last couple of months.

All Astro PhotosThe collection of all astro photos from all categories. The sort is a little random at this time, but in future the sort will be from most recent to oldest.

GalaxiesAstro photos of galaxies. This includes any image that contains a galaxy and images of multiple galaxies.

Reflection and Emission NebulaImages of nebula including reflection, emission and planetary nebula.

Open and Globular ClustersImages of open and globular clusters.

Lunar Craters, mare and full moonLunar images of the surface including craters and mare. The set also includes full disk images and images or planet groupings that include the moon.

Misc astro photosThis set includes all the other astronomy related images including planets, comets, multiple stars, constellations and asterisms, solar imaging and interesting landscape type photographs.