There is an Ottawa branch of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). They hold regular monthly meetings which are open to the general public and organize and/or participate in many free public astronomy related events. They also have an observatory in a relatively dark location which houses a 16″ equitorially mounted newtonian that has recently been resurfaced. Members can, with an orientation course, use the telescope or simply take advantage of the dark site and use their own telescopes. There is also a telescope lending “library”. There are many other advantages to joining the RASC. Please see the RASC Home Page for more info. See the Events page on this site for information about RASC sponsored astronomy events.


There are two ad-hoc astronomy groups in the Ottawa area that support public astronomy. These groups are informal and organized mainly through email lists and casual gatherings.

  • Ottawa Astronomy FriendS (OAFS)
  • Ottawa Valley Astronomy Observers Group (OAOG)

Both groups hold impromptu sidewalk astronomy sessions and/or participate in other public astronomy events. See the Events page on this site for information about their activities.

Both groups have web sites where you can learn more about them:

  • OAFs home page
  • OAOG home page is www.oaog.ca but it was hacked and not yet repaired (2013-08-17)

Group activities and discussions are announced using a “yahoo tech group” which provides a message board with optional email notifications. This a free service from yahoo which anyone can sign up to. To learn more about yahoo tech groups and/or subscribe to the OAFs and OAOG email lists see: