There is an Ottawa centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). They hold regular monthly meetings which are open to the general public and organize and/or participate in many free public astronomy related events. The RASC also hosts dark sky public telescope nights – “Star Parties” – at the Carp library. For more info see the Stargazing page or the Ottawa RASC. They have an observatory in a relatively dark location which houses a 18″ Starmaster newtonian telescope. Members can, with an orientation course, use the telescope or simply take advantage of the dark site and use their own telescopes. There is also a telescope lending “library”. There are many other advantages to joining the RASC. Please see the RASC Home Page for more info.


There are two ad-hoc astronomy groups in the Ottawa area that support public astronomy. These groups are informal and organized mainly through email lists and casual gatherings.

  • Ottawa Astronomy FriendS (OAFS)
  • Ottawa Valley Astronomy Observers Group (OAOG)

Both groups hold impromptu sidewalk astronomy sessions and participate in other public astronomy events.

The main access to these groups is via a web based discussion group service. Group activities and discussions are announced using a free discussion service which provides a message board with optional email notifications.

(OAFs is currently using yahoo tech groups, but is transitioning to groups.io. Both links are provided below.)

OAFs also have a web page:

The RASC and OAOG also have Facebook pages:

(The OAFs facebook page is unrelated to astronomy):

And finally there is a twitter site for an alternative access to current events.