Public Astronomy in Ottawa

Between the Museums and the local clubs there are a number of ways to enjoy astronomy in the Ottawa area. Most are free and most can be done on an ad-hoc basis (without having to join).


The Museum of Science and Technology has a very active astronomy program to support the general public as well as group oriented activities that would be suitable for school outings and organizations like scouts and guides. The museum also organizes large public events such as “Astronomy Day” and “Earth Day”. See the Astronomy Resources and Astronomy Programs pages at the museum’s web site for more info. Being a Canadian museum, there is an entrance fee to visit the museum but some of their outdoor events are free.

Aviation Museum

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum strictly speaking does not have an astronomy program. But being space oriented they do occasionally have displays and/or events with an astronomy theme.


There are three active clubs in the Ottawa area that i know of – The RASC, OAFs and OAOG. See the Clubs and Events pages on this site for more info.