Milky Way – 2013-09-25

I redid the Milky Way picture of Sagittarius, this time mounting the camera on the motorized tripod and guided the image. The image was still captured with the Simga 28mm lens. But this time i used the modified Canon T2i with captures more red in the spectrum beyond normal vision.

Milky Way - Sagittarius - 2013-09-25 - v2

Milky Way – Sagittarius – 2013-09-25 – v2

With the camera mounted on the tripod i could capture longer exposures and more of them. The picture obviously has more depth that the previous tripod mounted version. M20 and M8 are just visible in the centre towards the lower third.

With the camera setup, i decided to also take the same time of image of the Milky Way near Cygnus. Cygnus at that time was high over head so well placed for a wide field image.

Milky Way - Cygnus - 2013-09-25 - v1

Milky Way – Cygnus – 2013-09-25 – v1

The north america nebula (NGC 7000) is easily located. Its towards the centre on the right. That whole area is one large molecular cloud of ionized hydrogen.