Observing Report – 2013-09-24

With the moon out of the way until about 11:20 it was a good night for some visual observing. The recent tree trimming cleared a lot of the lower sky as well as a good section due south so more of the Milky Way was visible from the observatory.

I setup the 106mm f/6.5 refactor on the CGE Pro in the observatory and used the Hyperion 24mm eyepiece. This provides a 2.4deg real FoV and 29x magnification. I was observing from about 9:00pm edt to 10:15pm.

On the list was:

  • M20 and M8: Still below the tree line
  • M11 Wild Duck Cluster: Its classified as an open cluster but looks more like a globular at 29x. Its now on the list for the next photography run.
  • IC 4665: sparse open cluster that more of less filled the 2.4deg FoV.
  • NGC 6818 Little Gem: could not find it. Presumably because of the sky glow to the south.
  • NGC 6822 Bardard’s Galaxy: could not find it.
  • M27 Dumbbell Nebula: Obvious, bright and relatively large. No colour or structure discernible.
  • NGC 7023 Iris Nebula: Central star visible in the 80mm finder. The nebula is visible with averted vision. Although after awhile i could convince myself that i could see the nebula while looking directly at it.

I look a few frames of the Milky Way with the unmodified Canon T4i and a Sigma 28mm f/1.8 lens. This was tripod mounted (no motor). I used ISO 1600 with 8sec subs. The processed result (with calibration frames is below.