M82 -SN 2014J – 2014-04-24

M82 -SN 2014J - 2014-04-24

M82 -SN 2014J – 2014-04-24

M82 (NGC 3034) Cigar Galaxy with Super Nova SN 2014J
Edge-on spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
Dimensions: 11.2 x 4.3 arc-min
Magnitude: 8.41
Distance: 11.4-12.4 mLy

The bright star in the upper middle of M82 is a supernova SN 2014J which appeared 2014-01-21 at 19.20 UT. That star is in M82 and therefore 12mLy away. All the other bright stars in the image are in our galaxy, so “only” a few thousand light years away.

The left and right images are the same – the image on the right just annotated. (So not a before and after view.)

The wide field image with both M81 and M82 is here: M81-M82 Wide Field

Close crop, original pixel scale.

Image details:
Scope: AT106 with moonlight focuser and AT2FF
Camera: Canon T2i with astrodon UV/IR filter
59 x 300sec frames at ISO1600 (total integration time 4hrs 55min)
– Taken over two consecutive nights
Mount: CGE Pro
Guiding: TSOAG9 with Chameleon, Meteguide (and probably FlexRX)
Capture: ImagesPlus
Calibration and Stacking: PixInsight
Processing: PixInsight and PS CS5