M2 – 2013-10-08 v1

M2 - 2013-10-08 v1

M2 – 2013-10-08 – v1

Messier 2, M2, NGC 7089
Acquired: 2013-10-08
Version: 1

Globular cluster
Distance: 33,000ly
Size: 16′ (see below)
Magnitude: 6.3

The FoV of the entire image above is only 14′, so obviously i didn’t get it all. The brightest part of the core is about 1.8′ and the wider area of associated bright stars is still only 5′ in diameter.

This was taken at 12:30am to 2:30am. I think there was a little ground fog which made everything a little fuzzy. That and the altitude started at only 28° and ending at 9°. Compared to the M15 image taken 2hrs earlier, it’s rather poor.

Scope: HD11
Camera: Canon T2i (astrodon filters)
– 24x300sec at ISO1600
Guided with ST80, Chameleon and Metaguide
Acquisition: ImagesPlus
Calibrate and Stack: DSS
Processing: PixInsight and Photoshop