Heart and Soul 2018-01-14 v1 SJM

Heart and Soul Nebula 2018-01-14

Heart and Soul Nebula 2018-01-14

Heart and Soul Nebula 2018-01-14
IC 1805, LBN 645; IC 1848, LBN 667

The Heart and Soul nebulae form a vast star-forming region that makes up part of the Perseus spiral arm of our Milky Way galaxy. The nebula to the left is the Heart nebula, for obvious reasons. To the right is the Soul nebula. Together the nebulae stretch out nearly 580 light-years across, covering a small portion of the diameter of the Milky Way.

The IC numbers actually refer to the bright open clusters in each nebula. The LBN numbers (Lynds Catalogue of Bright Nebulae) refer to the nebula themselves.

Heart Nebula
  Angular Size: 60′ x 60′
  Mag: 6.0
  Distance: 6,200ly

Soul Nebula
  Angular Size: 60′ x 30′
  Mag: 6.6
  Distance: 6,500ly

Image Details:
  Canon T2i Astrodon UV/IR filter
  Canon 70-200L at 200mm f/2.8
  Subs: 3hr 38min total integration time
    6 x 180s, ISO 1600 (18min)
    56 x 240s, ISO 1600 (200min)
  CGE Pro
  Guided with Metaguide using an AT106 and Chameleon

  Image capture: BackyardEOS
  Stacked and processed with PixInsight

  4000 x 2800 px original scale cropped
  5.1 x 3.6 deg
  (RA, Dec) center: (40.9139629858, 61.0525819194) degrees
  Orientation: 3.13498090854 deg E of N
  Pixel scale: 4.62289757489 arcsec/pixel

Field if View contains:
  IC 1824
  IC 1831
  NGC 896
  NGC 1027
  IC 1795
  IC 1805
  IC 1848
  IC 1871