Venus 2015-05-06, 21:04edt

Venus 2015-05-06, 21:04edt, Monochrome image

Venus 2015-05-06, 21:04edt, Monochrome

acquired on 2015-05-06, 21:05edt

Mag: -4.14
Size: 18 arcsec
Illumination: 64%
Azimuth: 280deg
Altitude: 28deg
Elongation from Sun: 43deg (maximum is 45deg)
Sun altitude: -07.5deg
Sun set: 20:16, Nautical dusk 21:31

Image details:
Mount: cge pro unguided
Scope: Celestron HD11 with 5x Powermate
– effective FL 14,000mm, effective f/50
Capture camera: Point Grey Chameleon monochrome at 640×480, 30fps
2 AVIs for 60sec (2 x 1792 frames at 30fps)
stacked with Autostakkert2
– best 10% (36frames)
processed with PixInsight
– cropped, original pixel size