Mercury 2015-05-06, 20-19edt

Mercury 2015-05-06, 20-19edt, Monochrome image

Mercury 2015-05-06, 20-19edt, Monochrome

Mercury – monochrome
acquired on 2015-05-06, 20:19edt

Being on 7.9″ in angular size, there are basically no surface details discernible. That and being so low in the sky and taken only minutes after sunset also obscures any available detail. The only interesting feature then is the phase. I think Mercury is also grey, like the moon, so a colour image wouldn’t actually have any colour.

Mag: +0.4
Size: 7.9 arcsec
Illumination: 38%
Azimuth: 286deg
Altitude: 18deg
Elongation from Sun: 21deg (at maximum)
Sun altitude: -0.5deg
Sun set: 20:16, nautical dusk 21:31

Image details:
Mount: cge pro unguided
Scope: Celestron HD11 with 5x Powermate
– effective FL 14,000mm, effective f/50
Capture camera: Point Grey Chameleon monochrome at 640×480, 30fps
1 AVI for 60sec (1792 frames at 30fps)
stacked with Autostakkert2
– best 10% (18frames)
processed with PixInsight
– cropped, original pixel size