Barnards Loop 2018-02-14

Barnards Loop 2018-02-14 (crop of full image)

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  • Barnard’s Loop – 2018-02-14 - Barnard’s Loop (Sh 2-276) Acquisition 2018-02-14, Denholm Observatory This image captures about half of the structure known as “Barnard’s Loop”. Barnard’s Loop is a huge semi-circular shaped emission nebula in the constellation Orion and part of the even larger molecular hydrogen cloud that covers much of the constellation. The remainder of the “loop” extends down […]
  • FLO Panorama 2018-02-10 - I did a quick panorama for FLO to get a better idea of the skyline and obstructions. The view is from the mound just from in front of the telescope room door and facing south.  I have included two panorama images below – one as an annotated JPG and the other as a PNG with […]
  • Super, Blue, Blood Moon 2018-01-31 - The second full moon of the month is now popularly called a “Blue Moon” (never mind that it got the name through an error – that’s what its now called). On January 1st 2018 we had a full moon (below) and another full moon on January 31st. On January 31st, the moon was again full, […]
  • Heart and Soul Nebula 2018-01-14 - I imaged the Heart and Soul Nebula on 2018-01-14. It was quite cold at -18°C. I haven’t imaged anything in awhile and the cold temperatures usually makes things more difficult. I was concerned that some piece of the work flow wouldn’t work. I did have a lot of trouble framing the field of view. The […]
  • M31 – Andromeda with Hubble’s Cepheid Variable V1 – 2017-01-15 - The image below is a closeup of the Andromeda galaxy core. The area photographed includes the Cepheid variable star – M31_V1 – that Hubble used to calculate the first reliable distance to the “Andromeda Nebula”. His result proved conclusively that “nebula” were distant objects that were not part of the Milky Way. The wide field view of Andromeda […]