M31 - Andromeda with Hubble V1 - 2017-01-15

M31 – Andromeda with Hubble V1 – 2017-01-15

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  • M31 – Andromeda with Hubble’s Cepheid Variable V1 – 2017-01-15 - The image below is a closeup of the Andromeda galaxy core. The area photographed includes the Cepheid variable star – M31_V1 – that Hubble used to calculate the first reliable distance to the “Andromeda Nebula”. His result proved conclusively that “nebula” were distant objects that were not part of the Milky Way. The wide field view of Andromeda […]
  • Moon in Haze – 2016-10-16 - I took this picture of the moon on a hazy, slightly foggy evening in October when the moon was one day past full. Taking a picture of the moon on a hazy evening proved to be quite challenging. To the naked eye, the moon looked much as it does on a clear night, albeit with […]
  • Cygnus-Sadr Region – 2016-09-26 - Friends of mine had a star registered with the name “MadVic” as a gift for their 60th wedding anniversary. So i decided to followup with an image of the region that showed the actual star. The region around the centre of Cygnus is known as the “Gamma Cygni Nebula” (IC 1318); named after the bright […]
  • Barn Door Tracker with Variable Speed Motor - My Bard Door Tracker I decided to build a “Barn Door Tracker” so that i could have a portable mount for taking astrophotos with a wide angle lens. Something that i could setup quickly and was compact and light. But the main purpose was a “make fun” project that involved some mechanical design and an opportunity […]
  • Vallis Alpes Comparison – 2013-04-21 - I recently came across an image of Vallis Alpes on the moon (Alpine Valley) created by the Lunar Orbiter 4 space craft in 1967. It struck me as amusing that my own image taken in April of 2013 compares favourably with the Obiter’s image. The Orbiter’s altitude varied from 2,100km to 6,000km so I nominally choose […]